PP strapping

We offer our black embossed polypropylene strapping in 9 to 16-mm strip widths. It is suitable for processing with metal seals, plastic buckles and for welding.
The PP strapping is suitable for cardboard closure or securing light pallet goods. Core sizes available.



  • 62 mm core – small reel for manual processing
  • 200 mm core – for all current semi and fully automatic machines
  • 280 mm core – for all current fully automatic machines
  • 406 mm core – for fully automatic pallet strapping machines or manual processing on dispensers
  • Dispenser boxes for manual processing (bs = Ø breaking strength)

Core 200 mm

9,0x0,55 mmx3000 mbs 105 kg
12,0x0,55 mmx3000 mbs 130 kg*
12,0x0.63 mmx2250 mbs 145 kg

*also in blue and white

Core 280 mm

12,0x0,55 mmx2000 mbs 130 kg
12,0x0.63 mmx2100 mbs 145 kg

Core 406 mm

12,0x0,55 mmx3000 mbs 130 kg
12,0x0.63 mmx3000 mbs 145 kg
12,7x0,50 mmx2500 mbs 170 kg
12,7x0,60 mmx3000 mbs 190 kg
12,7x0,65 mmx2500 mbs 190 kg
12,7x0,75 mmx2000 mbs 200 kg
12,7x0,85 mmx1800 mbs 250 kg
16,0x0,50 mmx2000 mbs 200 kg
16,0x0,60 mmx2000 mbs 220 kg
16,0x0,80 mmx1500 mbs 310 kg


Core 62 mm

12,0x0,55 mmx600 mbs 130 kg

Dispenser box

12,0x0,45 mmx1000 mbs 120 kg
16,0x0.50 mmx1000 mbs 135 kg
12,0x0,45 mmx600 mbs 120 kg

with 200 platic buckles



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