PET strapping

Our green embossed PET strapping is available in 12 to 19-mm widths. With its core size of 406 mm, it is ideally suited for fully automatic machines and manual processing. Manual processing on dispensers with battery tensioning devices or metal seals is also possible.

Our PET strapping is particularly used with heavy cardboard or packaged goods such as paving stones or wood as an alternative to steel straps. We have two quality standards for PET strapping. Our quality 910 for fully automatic machines and also for manual use.

For manual use, for example with a battery tensioning devices, we recommend our quality 910/H with an excellent price-performance ratio. (bs = Ø breaking strength)

PET strapping 910 For fully automatic machines


12,0x0,50 mmx3000 mbs 245 kg
12,0x0,60 mmx2500 mbs 295 kg
12,0x0,70 mmx2500 mbs 345 kg
12,5x0,60 mmx2500 mbs 305 kg
12,5x0,70 mmx2000 mbs 355 kg
15,5x0,60 mmx2000 mbs 380 kg
15,5x0,70 mmx1750 mbs 445 kg
15,5x0,90 mmx1500 mbs 570 kg
19,0x1,00 mmx1000 mbs 780 kg


PET strapping 910/H For manual processing


12,0x0,60 mmx2500 mbs 260 kg
15,5x0,70 mmx1750 mbs 395 kg
15,5x0,90 mmx1500 mbs 510 kg


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